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International Partnership Agreement

South African MSA Group recently joined the list of Geotech Partners. Geotech is proud to attract major international companies operating in the fields of geosciences and mining, in line with the Kingdom's 2030 vision for the mining sector. The MSA Group has been working in this field for more than 30 years and has undertaken many successful projects in the Kingdom and in many countries of the world. The MSA carries out many businesses and services including but not limited to mineral wealth, environmental studies, core drilling laboratories, and geological data management.

For more information about the MSA Group, please visit the following link:


International Partnership Agreement

As part of its endeavor to raise the level of technical work and bring homes of international expertise in the fields of earth sciences to the Kingdom, Geotech Arabia recently signed a partnership agreement with the British International Geoscience Services (IGS)). The agreement aims at joint technical cooperation to implement joint actions in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the Gulf Cooperation Council countries and North Africa. This partnership will enhance the opportunity to enter into many of the initiatives announced by the Kingdom to develop the mining sector to become the third pillar of the national economy according to the vision of the Kingdom 2030. Its scope include carrying out strategic and multi-goal studies for the benefit of the public sector, relevant development agencies and the World Bank Projects, with high quality and competitive prices in the fields of science Earth. IGS is currently implementing several vital projects for the Saudi Geological Survey.

For more information on IGS, please visit the following link: